Abundant Life Christian Learning Center

 River Falls 4 Children host site

Purpose and Goals 

Our Purpose: Abundant Life Christian Learning Center is a faith-based child care program dedicated to serving children and their families.  We believe that children learn best through play and hands-on experiences. Our teachers are trained in child development and have an understanding of the amazing ways that each child has been created.  With these things in mind, the activities and educational opportunities that are made available to children are both exciting and challenging to them. 

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We want the children to be excited to be with us as they discover, explore and play. Along with all of these experiences we also feel that it is very important for children to have opportunities to put into practice and increase their social and emotional skills like sharing, kindness and using words to express themselves.  We utilize character education to help children learn how to accept and appreciate each other and the world around them.  As a faith-based program, we strongly believe that God created each child to be a special, unique person with a wonderful purpose.  It is our greatest desire to work with parents in an effort to help each child find that purpose. 

Center Goals

· Offer a positive and supportive environment for the children.

· Help the children gain confidence, self-esteem, sense of self and awareness of others.· Provide a safe, secure and comfortable environment.

· Provide the children with opportunities to develop their creativity, enhance curiosity and communicate effectively.

· Promote the love of learning and God in children.

· Build on and extend the knowledge and experiences the children already have.

· Create an environment that creates a sense of challenge for the children by providing curriculum that develops problem solving skills and task persistence.

· Continued open communication with parents by the use of memos the Parent Information Board and talking with them.

· Large/small motor, creative, social, intellectual, cognitive opportunities are provided through the day in free play and structured time.