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The Big Three

       Abundant Life Church has a lot to offer, but what things should everyone attending make a priority? Above all else, we believe that if you simply do the "Big 3" it will help you connect and grow in your faith.

1. Come on the weekend. Make it a priority to attend church every weekend-don't miss!
       ACTION ITEM: If you must miss a weekend, catch the message online

2. Be part of a group. Be connected to a small group and you can do life together. Learn and apply God's word together, encourage one another, and hold each other accountable.

       ACTION ITEM: Check out our "Small Groups." Choose a group that fits you best and get involved!

3. Serve others. Commit to serving others using your gifts within the church, in the community, and beyond.

       ACTION ITEM: Read the "Serving" section on the "How to Get Involved" page and ask God where He would want you to serve here at Abundant Life Church.