• Bec ause of you...

    Your giving to the Church’s Benevolence Fund supports local missions: Servant of the Shepherd and Assistance & Resource Center (ARC). Your giving also supports foreign missions: Nathan and Leah Finstad's ministry in Senegal, Africa, Nathan.Finstad@sim.org and Pastor Pavel and Irina Anosov pastoring a Russian-speaking church in Poland.

  • ram's horn ministry

          Roger and Myrna Eilers are graduates of Christ for the Nations, in Dallas, TX.  In 1992, they were sent out as missionaries from Abundant Life Church after ten years of ministry at ALC's Good Shepherd Christian Academy.  They then founded and pastored Abundant Life Church in Minsk, Belarus. 

          In 1997, they founded Midwest Bible School, an affiliate school of CFNI in Illinois, and in 2000, they were appointed executive directors and founders of Christ for the Nations, Poland.  This Bible school now has graduates throughout Poland and parts of Europe, as well as the U.S. They are active in local churches, leading ministries, and developing businesses.  The summer school of the arts draws younger students who have gone back to their churches on fire for God, and leading evangelistic teams into the streets all over Poland.  

          In 2005, the Eilers moved back to the States, continuing support and raising of finances for all the works, traveling and teaching, and visiting graduates to strengthen and encourage. In 2006, they ministered in Belarus, Poland, England and also took an exploratory trip into Turkey. In 2011, they took a mission team to the Ukraine, Poland, and Turkey. In 2013 they ministered for two months in Poland, Sweden, Belarus and the Ukraine. In 2016 they ministered in Poland and Belarus. 

          In 2015 from Abundant Life Church, Minsk, Pastor Pavel and Irina Anosov are going from Belarus to Poland to start Russian-speaking churches. The new church has begun in 2016. 

  • dan denissen ministries international

           DDMI is an outreach of Abundant Life Church and River Valley Christian Church. After 23 years in the full time Pastorate,  Dan and Claudia Denissen received a mandate from the Lord to "Bring More of  God to More of God's People."

           Dan and Claudia have faithfully ministered in fourteen Nations including: Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Finland, Norway, Hungary, Romania, Jamaica, Israel, and most recently, Mozambique, South Africa, Switzerland, Italy and the USA. They are usually sent out for one week to one month or more.

           They have also been preaching and teaching in churches in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Florida. The main focus of DDMI is salvation of souls, healing, miracles and deliverance which God has faithfully done.