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  • Be Fully Present - Pastor Angie Sweere - september 24

    There are so many distractions and worries that can stop us from being present with our loved ones. How can we be fully present? You have time for what you choose to have time for. It's a choice. Choose what's important. Eliminate what's not. Surrender to what God wants; sense His presence and recognize His voice.

  • Don't feed the doubt - october 1

    Christians have all the same obstacles that others have, but as they took a step of faith toward Christ they have seen and experienced His love and faithfulness. All their questions are not immediately resolved, but their encounter with Christ was so powerful and real that it superseded all their doubts. So, feed your faith and starve your doubts to death. 

  • Don't feed the pride - october 8

    Pride is dangerous and is the main ingredient in every type of sin. Pride is the root of all sin. So how do you not feed the pride? You must starve it. Come back to Jesus and the cross. Thinking of what Jesus did for us on the cross starves the pride in our lives. Jesus humbled Himself and was obedient to death on the cross, Phil 2:8.  Then and now the idea of self-promotion, selfish ambition and conceit, is prevalent, and the cure for it is the cross. 

  • don't feed the temptation - october 15

    All of us have had to deal with temptation including Jesus. Temptation is not sin, but when you act on it that is what births sin. Temptations look and feel good. Otherwise it would not tempt us. But it always leads to destruction. No one sets out to ruin their lives. So, don’t live for a moment of sin but prepare for a life in Christ. What you feed is what succeeds.