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  • toxic words  -  february 12

    Carefully chosen words can heal a marriage, save a friendship, or encourage one to keep going. A carelessly chosen word can destroy a marriage, ruin a friendship or demolish a career. Our tongue is difficult to control. Daily we have many choices to use our tongues for life or death, healing or hurt. We all battle this our whole lives. Toxic words have huge consequences.

  • toxic thoughts

    The word, ‘toxic’, is defined as poisonous material capable of causing sickness or death. The shows we watch, music we listen to, and the people we hang out with, are all capable of producing a toxic influence in our lives. Some toxic thoughts are: I am miserable, I’m worried about..., I can’t do anything right, I am stupid, I hate the way that I look, my life doesn’t matter, my spouse will never..., I can’t get it all done, God doesn’t care about me, etc. We discuss three ways to identify, reject, and replace toxic thoughts.

  • toxic religion

    Over time, without even realizing it, we may change our relationship with Jesus to where our faith can become toxic. We could have turned our relationship from it being personal, good, and hope-filled to a toxic religion that is distant, rigid and compartmentalized.

  • Is Evolution true?

    So, evolutionary theory is asking us to believe that given enough time two tiny particles evolved into human beings. No one observed it, nor can anyone substantiate it, and no one has ever duplicated it. Yet, evolutionist will fight to their death for it. If evolution is true then God is eliminated; no truth, no right or wrong, no life after death, and no purpose. Or God created me in His image (Gen 1:27): to have a relationship, and I have meaning, and purpose.