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  • angry like jesus   april 21

    Do you know anyone that's a little bit angry? If you don't it may be because you're not on Facebook, or ‘X’. Everyone out there seems angry and agitated. How about you? Are you easily agitated? What do we do with these feelings of anger? When you think of Jesus, you often think of Him being loving. Jesus also got angry, but in a way that honored God.

  • feeling loss in sadness? experience joy again  april 28

    We're going to contrast two emotions: the sadness and joy of Jesus. When the hurting were healed, the  rejected were loved, and the sinners were forgiven, Jesus was full of joy. What made Jesus sad? If we know what made him sad, then perhaps we could bring him joy.

  • Fulfilled emotionally    may 5

    Are you at your best when you are overwhelmed, exhausted, and emotionally drained or are you at your best when you are well rested and emotionally filled? I can handle the difficulties of life much better when I am well rested. I am a happier person and make better decisions, too. What if you knew there was a way you could have that? Psalm 23 is an often recited scripture and gives us some principles to simplify our lives, and have rest and emotional fulfillment.

  • Can i do it all?  -  pastor angie sweere    may 12

    Pastor Angie brings us this message on Mother's Day!