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  • Your need - oct 31

    I am grateful that God is greater than our needs. Who is your provider? Is it your job, the stock market, real estate, the government, the U.S. economy? No matter what the economy is doing we can trust that God will continue to provide your every need.  God, your heavenly Father, yearns to be your source and take care of you even more than an earthly parent (Matt 7:11).

  • your fear - Nov 7

    Fear and happiness cannot live in the same heart. Fear and clear thinking cannot live in the same body. Fear and confidence cannot coexist.  Fear never cured a disease, brought a family out of poverty, fought a war, nor saved a marriage. But, God is greater than your fear, if you choose to trust Him. The most common command in the Bible is “Fear not.” That’s because God knew we would often be faced with fear.

  • your pain - nov 14

    Are you in pain today?  Are you a grudge-carrier? Is there someone in your life who has hurt you whom you have not yet forgiven? Not forgiving others and carrying a grudge keeps you in the devil’s territory of pain and prevents you from a future of loving relationships. The main work of the devil, in his bid to destroy you, is to tempt you to fall into his trap, thereby you destroy yourself. Deciding to forgive produces freedom and healing.

  • your doubt - nov 21

    Some have stopped going to church because of the doubts they have. Some feel like they don’t fit in with those that seem to have it all together in their faith journey. What doubts are you struggling with this morning? Maybe you doubt that God has really forgiven you. Or you wonder whether the Bible really is the Word of God. But God is not upset with you. He invites you to seek Him so you will believe.

  • your selfishness - nov 28

    By nature we are selfish. We’re born as self-serving creatures. That is why we need to be 'born again' and have God's nature of love.  A distinguishing mark of a child of God is how unselfish they are. They know their purpose. This great God who touched us enables us to touch others.

  • your weariness - dec 5

    Overwork can be detrimental to your life. It can shorten your life and it can cause the things that really matter to be short-changed. We need balance because too much of any good thing can hurt us. What are you living for? Living to Work or Working to Live? Call a timeout before you burnout. God is greater than weariness as He designed a sabbath REST.