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  • Too Small to Fail -  January 17

    We're asking the question, who will I be by 2026? Proverb: “Even a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” If you keep on stepping you'll eventually get there. Something little, something too small to fail, and it becomes something so great. Why do so many people not get there? It's because so many of us do what Zechariah says not to do and we despise the days of small things. But if we just keep persisting, then little by little, we'd get somewhere great. We get discouraged because we want instant results.

  • From evening to morning - January 24

    When are we going to find time to make these steps that are going to move us towards where we want to be in five years? Let's flip it, and start thinking about life from evening to morning, 14 1/2 hours, instead of our normal work day hours. If you anchor your evenings and your mornings, then in the middle of the day, come what may, you've already had a great day.

  • Fire From heaven - February 7

    There is a lot we can know about God: character, nature, covenants, commitment to people, Holiness, justice and love. Read His Word long enough and you can get to know God. But, there is a greatness that is unsearchable. There is a limit to what the finite human mind can comprehend. About the time you think you have God figured out, He will act in an unsearchable way. You will say ‘Wow’ and that you cannot put God in a box.

  • turn back time - february 14

    In Deuteronomy 29:29 it says, "The secret things belong to the Lord". God is too big for us to fit Him in a box. His greatness is unsearchable, beyond understanding (Ps 145:3). It takes one obedient person to 'turn back time' for God’s will to come to pass as it should. You are that person for your world of influence. Has God turned back time for you? Maybe He restored to you all that would have been by your repentance and faith in Him.

  • god empowers you - february 21

    God is faithful. At the same time He is unpredictable and His greatness is unsearchable (Ps 145:3). God is totally consistent in His character and yet does mind-blowing things. When we have God neatly placed in a box He breaks out and reveals more of Himself by doing the unexpected. God did amazing things in the Old Testament. Now see how the Holy Spirit acts in the New Testament. God empowers you to be a minister and reach the world.

  • he's coming back - february 28

    You think creation was incredible? You think the coming of Jesus was incredible or the coming of the Holy Spirit? We have not seen anything yet. God is going to close this thing out in glory and wonder. God is uncontainable and unsearchable.