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  • 'Finding god's will for my life'  -  october 25

    God gave you the freedom to make choices everyday. Often we come to a crossroads in our lives. We have to choose which way to go that determines our destiny. Our lives are the sum total of all our choices. Thankfully God gives us guidelines, reveals His will, that helps us know which road to take.

  • 'making wise decisions'  -  november 1

    Major decisions are tough to make on your own. You consult your spouse, your friends, your friends' friends, your coworkers ... but through all these conversations, you're still not sure. There's only one true place to go for answers - straight to God.

  • Controlling people  -  November 8

    As God loves us, we're called to love people. But some people are a little more difficult to love than others. Relational vampires suck the life out of you. How do we love those who suck the life out of us by being controlling? Some of you have been hurt by people who tried to control you. 

  • Critical people  -  november 15

    How do we love people who suck the life out of us that are incredibly critical? All of us will face those who can be overly critical, the 'spiritual gift' of fault finding. This is wrecking relationships. 

  • needy people  -  november 22

    How do we deal with those people who are always in need? You give and they seem to want even more. As followers of Christ we do care and we want to help, but whatever we do it doesn't seem to be enough. If we help them in the wrong way, then it ends up actually hurting them and can hurt us.

  • hypocritical people  -  november 29

    How do we love and treat people who are hypocrites, sucking the life out of us? The number one complaint from non-Christians about Christians is they're all a bunch of hypocrites. Jesus had no tolerance for hypocrisy. He said, "Woe to the hypocrites", in Matthew 23 seven times.