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  • You get what you deserve - june 27

    Jesus did not come just to make bad people good. Jesus came to make dead people alive. I am undeserving, unworthy, guilty.  Jesus, the innocent one, the Lamb of God, the Son of God, was slain for my sins. I didn't get what I deserved.

  • Declaration of independence and dependence -july 4

    Many of our forefathers paid a terrible price in the Revolutionary War, but finally they won the victory so that you and I might be citizens of this "land of the free and home of the brave." In declaring their independence from England, our forefathers made an equally bold Declaration of Dependence upon God.

  • when god seems inattentive - july 11

    Have you prayed and it seems like God is not listening? Your friends have a job they love and a marriage they love and they're financially blessed. You think they barely served Jesus and I'm so faithful. Where is God when life doesn't seem to make sense? What do you do when you pray and God seems silent?

  • when god seems late - July 18

    At different seasons of our lives, we face those waiting seasons where we know God could do something about this. We've seen Him do it in other people's lives, we have faith for it, and yet God doesn't do what we think He should do and so we end up waiting, waiting. It's really hard, really awkward. But with God, a waiting season is never a wasted season. Perhaps God is saying, "Not yet." Realize God has a reason for "Not yet."

  • when god seems uncooperative - july 25

    This message will help us to understand the will of God and to learn to depend on Him during those times when God seems uncooperative. When we know that God could do something, we believe that he will, and then He does not. True prayer isn't about getting our way, but surrendering our will.