prayer wall

Welcome to the Abundant Life Church prayer wall. You are welcome to share your prayers with us here, write an anonymous prayer, share a prayer request with the church staff only, agree with other prayers, or pray for requests on this page. We believe that when we pray according to His will, His Word, that our Heavenly Father hears us and answers our prayers (1 John 5:14-15).


I need prayers for god to bring salvation to my brother jimmy and my sisters Jennifer and Karen and Ashley and robert


I pray God's love over my house, over my step children Rishon, Nathaniel and Justin, I pray God brings us closer, I pray the unconditional love of Jesus Christ in my marriage between myself Benjamin and my beautiful wife Cynthia, I pray God's total blessings in our marriage.I pray God's love breathes his love and life in our work life, in our relationships, I pray the holy spirit flows in our house breathing life and hope. I pray each of our thoughts become obiedent to God's word. In Jesus Christ I lay my life my heart I trust in the Lord to bring only victory Amen Amen


I pray for anyone in life who is struggling, I pray Jesus Christ's light shows them hope, joy and his life for us. I pray for anyone who feels rejected, downhearted, lost or discouraged. I pray God comforts and breathes his breath of life, joy, hope and unconditional love in your life Amen


Can you pray for Khadijah that God will remove Raymond out of her life forever. Raymond believes in witchcraft and all types of evil. Raymond is demonic filled and he believes in sorcerers, witches, and warlords. Pray all communication will stop.


Can we pray for Khadijah Harden that God will break and disannul all ungodly soul ties, ungodly strongholds, and ungodly relationships out of her life immediately in Jesus name.


Please submit your prayers and prayer requests here.